I am a transfer student but I transferred from ubco science to ubc science so might not be helpful. This data includes admission rates, demographic details, retention rates and other interesting tidbits. There are multiple ways to join Computer Science. Accept your Offer Apr - May, 2020. I know that it's not possible to transfer directly into the major anymore, only into the faculty of science. I have convinced them otherwise though, about cpsc atleast), New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Here are some of my comments.-You should plan your courses to transfer to UBC or SFU. My advice: BC Transfer Guide is your new bible. Requirements for admission to UBC vary depending on where you attended high school, which campus you hope to attend, and which degree you’re applying to. Waitlisting isn't the end of the world, there's still quite a few months to go. You need to be in the Faculty of Science in order to apply for CPSC. So, Can I study first year general Applied science and then transfer to second year computer science if I like it? Combined Majors. How to Apply. Computer Science gives you a thorough grounding in computer software design, and a broad choice of other studies in computing. A few things to note though, term 1 is going to be TOUGH. To attempt admission into the 2nd year of the BSc in Computer Science at UBC it is recommended that students complete the following courses: Course List; Code Title Credits; CMPT 1010: Introduction to Computer Programming 1 : 3: CMPT 1020: Introduction to Computer Programming 2: … Info for Int'l Students. Any transfer student admitted to second year of the BSc program for the upcoming winter session will apply for a specialization through this same process. 2 years ago. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Average was 79 for CS admission. First-Year Students. You’ll take courses like “Machine Learning and Data Mining,” “Parallel Computation,” and “Advanced Algorithms Design and Analysis.” This program is also offered at UBC's Okanagan Campus Find out more Langara Equivalents. Meeting the minimum requirements is not sufficient for admittance -- top students from around the world compete for our limited number of positions -- but if you have a strong background and interest in computer science, do not let this discourage you. Option B: You stay in Engineering and major in CPEN. Computer Science VS Computer Engineering . Like other posters said, I do not recommend it if you have a choice. Why Computer Science at UBC? Oh the cutoff was 79? Most of the answers here will be anecdotal and potentially outdated. This option will get you into CPSC the soonest. Students applying for admission from another UBC program are subject to the requirements noted above under Admission as a Post-secondary Transfer. Nothing any counsellor/friend/website tells you about transfer credits is true unless you can verify it on the BC Transfer Guide. Otherwise, it'll be risky. Applicants are admitted on the basis of academic performance; evidence ofpersonal initiative, commitment, and accomplishment; and academic preparation, including breadth and rigor of secondary-school studies. Ask your ESP or find a ESP at Brock Hall for more details about transfers. Co-op. The admissions megathread isn't just for high school students. Your application will then be evaluated on a combination of your final high school grades and the classes you’ve alre… Mini-Streams. requirement is 60% to transfer, do I need something higher? Transfer Credit. UBC Courses. I did the Langara -> UBC transfer for computer science some years back as well. Transfer to Computer Science. Moderator of r/UBC Archived. You need an average of at least 80% to get into the major. They have two intakes, one in December (which is already past) and one in May. There are a few administrative things to keep in mind: Faculty of Science only accepts student once per year; which is in May. Don’t have 24 completed credits? Our department, established in 1968, is one of the best computer science departments in North America, located in spectacular Vancouver, BC. If you're asking about transferring faculties/schools, applying for specializations/majors (e.g. Tel: 604.827.4090 Fax: … Second-year applicants looking to transfer to UBC from outside of Canada need at least a C average/2.0 grade average, and to have completed 30 credits — 24 of those being transferable credits, which we will get into later. I know that it's not possible to transfer directly into the major anymore, only into the faculty of science. Most of the first year engineering courses are done, and they are all equivalent to most of the required science courses. Transfer to Computer Science. Megathread. What is CompSci in your mind? I'm currently a second year science student at UBCO campus, and I'm looking to transfer to UBC Vancouver campus for the next year. Computer Science, Political Science, CAPS), or applying for first-year residence, it belongs here too. The deadline to apply for transfer is January 15th, so you should make your decision soon. All Majors, all Combined Majors, and second-year declarable Honours or Combined Honours specializations must be applied to via the application. you will need to raise your GPA, transferring between the two campuses is not difficult, you should try applying into a different arts program at UBC, and then transfer to CS later on. However I want to get into comp sci major, and I will have to start with 110 and 121 in the coming summer semester, which will be in the end of my second year. Do it - if you prefer creating software, later is better than never. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Also, you mean that the admission average to CS in science is the same as in arts? Students in the Faculty of Science are required to make steady progress toward graduation.The total number of credits, the number of science credits, and the specifications of the student's specialization (in second year and after) are all considered in the decision for promotion into 2 nd or 3 rd year. Promotion. You need to check with the BC Transfer Guide to see which, if any, of the BCIT courses are transferable. UBC releases an annual enrolment report each year that provides demographic details about the people who apply to the university and the students it admits. Transferred here after 2 years at Langara (A.Sc. The option is intended to help prepare interested and qualified students for careers in the computing industry with a minimum of 4 work placements supervised by practising professionals. If I apply to transfer and don't get in, would they kick me out of arts? Option B: UBC BSc in Computer Science Transfer. Co-op advisors also visit students at their place of … Hello, I'm currently a second year science student at UBCO campus, and I'm looking to transfer to UBC Vancouver campus for the next year. Is there any additional courses that I will have to take? If you're asking about transferring faculties/schools, applying for specializations/majors (e.g. I realize comp sci classes are not the same as knowing languages, but i rather learn coding than electrical engineering (which is what my parents are trying to pressure me into. We offer a full range of graduate programs. How hard will it be for me to transfer? If you haven’t started yet, then check each and every course before you register. Press J to jump to the feed. Mini-Streams. Combined Honours. I was kind of lost during first year and made some bad decisions I ended up with an average around 69-70%. in Computer Science). In addition to a BSc with a major in Computer Science, UBC also offers Computer Science Honours, Combined Majors, and Combined Honours specializations ; Useful links when using this course planning worksheet: UBC Calendar UBC Department Website BC Transfer Guide Langara Diagnostic Tests. CPEN 221 and 211 are very challenging (some of my classmates taking CPEN 221 and CPSC 221 at the same time have noted that CPEN 221 is a lot harder CPSC 221), but at the same time rewarding imo. This page outlines the minimum requirements for the UBC Department of Computer Science. Currently working as a software engineer at A Thinking Ape. Close. Always check the BC Transfer Guide. 2010-2015 NSERC Chair for Women in Science and Engineering (BC and Yukon Region) 2054 - 6250 Applied Science Lane, Vancouver, BC, V6T 1Z4, Canada. I'm a second year in CPEN who is planning to transfer to CPSC after this term. You should be aware that CPSC is very competitive. hmm, then there is no point in going in to arts for CS then. My actual goal is to transfer to the CS program in science, but my current gpa is only ~3.3 (76.5%) and by the end of the school year, hopefully I'll achieve a ~78%. Second Degree (BCS Program) What is BCS(ICS)? Our large and diverse faculty are recognized internationally for excellence in research, teaching and innovation. How To Select A Computer Science Specialization. If you haven't done 110 or 121, how do you know this? I am new here and found this great community, I am a 2nd year Arts student at ubc and want to transfer to sciences. because CS is competitive at UBC, may be difficult to get in with your GPA. Disclaimer: The admissions process changes significantly every year. And did anyone got into the CS in arts specifically? Last updated on January 20, 2015 @2:11 pm. That means I will start 210 in my third year at ubc. User account menu. First-Year Students. You'll find yourself quite pressed for time and stressed out. How can you take cpen 221 and cpsc 221 at the same time? Combined Majors. Credits. First year. Second Degree (BCS Program) What is BCS(ICS)? For information on transferring credits, see the BC transfer guide; it has information for incoming students. That should be enough qualifications to answer right? Students transferring from another institution must apply for admission to UBC and the Faculty of Science (or Arts, etc.) For information on transferring credits, see Articulation (Transfer Credit) Information for Incoming Students. The application deadline for Fall 2020 admission to UBC was Jan uary 15, 2020. UBC Departments within the Faculty of Science Important Promotion Requirements. Deadline to apply to transfer to UBC from another post-secondary institution. I believe there are two options for you, if you are set on transferring to CPSC: Option A: You apply to transfer to Science right now, and apply to CPSC in May. For example, you can major in Computer Science (either through Science or Arts), do a combined major in CPSC and another Science subject, do a BCom degree in Business and Computer Science, do an honours degree (either CPSC alone or as a combined honours program), etc.

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