Kindred of the East Companion Paperback – March 1, 1999 by David Bowker (Author) 4.6 out of 5 stars 5 ratings. In their search for karmic resolution, different Kuei-jin follow different paths to ease their karmic discomfort. Appendix: Rules of the Hungry Dead brings Kindred of the Each step of the way is progressively harder, with the time between moments of enlightenment taking years, then centuries, the millennia at the highest levels. Like many, I came to realize there were a lot of problematic elements with the game series but wasn't sure how to go about correcting it and presenting a playable game. Kindred of the East May You Gain the Notice of Those in High Places For centuries the exotic realm of Asia has defied the Kindred's incursions. The secrets of the Broken Mask Technique, in which a vampire lives mortal lives, await within, along with many new rites and powers, prominent characters and new facts about the Asian World of Darkness. Kuei-jin in the West are under similar pressures, and survival isn't easy in a land of foreign and hostile vampires. The Dance of the Thrashing Dragon is one of five non-heretical dharmas. Asia was always a forbidden land to Western Vampires. Kindred of the East differs from Vampire: The Masquerade in both theme and mood despite s… Dharmic progression is tied to the Wheel of Ages. The Kuei-jin of the east are, thus, anchored to the world of the living and to the powers of creation. Like it feels like the Devil-Tigers are supposed to punish sinners, but then it feels like Cranes are supposed to do the same thing. The sun rises in the east, signifying the beginning of the new day. This lead to the dharmas in Kindred of the East where alternative codes where standard for vampires and based more on personality traits than before. Dharmas traditionally follow a ten step path, with a chih-mei having a rating of zero, and the Hundred Clouds at rank 10. I was still young and grabbing every World of Darkness book I could get hold of when Kindred of the East came out. Allied to Yomi Wan In their search for karmic resolution, different Kuei-jin follow different paths to ease their karmic discomfort. As demonic creatures, enlightenment is far harder for Kuei-Jin, and the path to wisdom can take millennia. Like most Cainites do not differ between the various dharmas of the Cathayans, so do most Kuei-jin believe that the Kin-jin are all the same. This also lead to the first edition of vampire:dark ages where a new type of paths called vias or roads where introduced. Bartering their souls for power, Akuma enter Faustian deals with the Yama Kings and pursue only power. Kindred of the East is a role-playing supplement by White Wolf Game Studio to their Vampire: The Masquerade line. Xue himself reached the Hundred Cloudsand has not been heard of since he achieved enlightenment. This is important because if you give too few Kuei-jin to the Yama Kings grouping, then the central "Bad Guys" in the entire Kindred of the East setting become a non-issue due to lack of man power. Those few Children of Caine dwelling in Asia whisper of the monstrous Cathayans--the shadowy vampires native to the East. Read more about this topic:  Kindred Of The East. In earlier times, enlightenment was faster (or perhaps by virtue of having Wan Kuei who were once Wan Xian, the road was easier seen). The South Bay is the Camarilla's stronghold and is held in an iron grip therefore, and the North Bay . During the Victorian Era, the Bone Flowers also studied the Paths of Enlightenment under the umbrella term Dharmas of the Unexamined Horizon, before declaring them hoaxes. Since that time, the Dharmas have formed the religious basis of Kuei-Jin society; every Cathayan adopts a Dharma and progresses onwards to enlightenment. . Social role is determined at least partly by Dharma. Kindred of the East is the vampire book from White Wolf's Year of the Lotus, which focused on Asia in the World of Darkness. The Great Principle constitutes the ancient code of behaviour for all Kuei-jin. A Kuei-jin's existence is a quest for enlightenment. These moments arrive rarely, and can be triggered by great insight into one's dharma, or occasionally by great diversion from it. Heretical Face of the Gods • Flame of the Rising Phoenix • Seekers of the Inward Way • Spirit of the Living Earth. In their search for karmic resolution, different Kuei-jin follow different paths to ease their karmic discomfort. As a rule, a character aspiring to be an ancestor must have a Dharma rating of at least 6. A lot. In broad strokes, what does each one do? I've just started a new chronicle in Kindred of the East (Blood and Silk) and one of my players plays a Devil Tiger. The vanguard of White Wolf's "Year of the Lotus" theme (which created "Eastern" counterparts to all of their major product lines in the World of Darkness ), this rich sourcebook is a stand-alone setting, requiring only secondary rules to be fully playable. It is a complete guide to playing the enigmatic chameleons of the Middle Kingdom. Of all the hungry dead, they are the most comfortable with mortals. There are five orthodox dharmas, with their virtues: In addition to these five, there are 4 known heretical dharmas: Finally, there is one dharma despised by all: And in addition, one dharma went extinct long ago: For the Kuei-jin, the concept of a "Clan" in which you are Embraced is alien. See all formats and editions Hide other formats and editions. There's also the option of making them Risen instead of Kindred or their own thing.

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