A balanced diet isn't going to stress the cat all that much with a fish now and then. I am roasting a duck and I now have a package of duck giblets and extra skin and fat that I have removed. It just seems much larger, is the bone also much harder for him to chew up? Personally I would not feed either, especially the fish. If you aren’t absolutely positive, it isn’t worth taking the risk. You just don't want fish to be a main staple in their diet because it can deplete their vitamin e and cause illness, but as a treat about once a week is just fine. if you are sure these trout are safe from high mercury and from a PCB source, they are fine. Photos of my own Ragdoll Cats eating their raw food. There is now a fantastic range of RAW cat food on the market – and you can get it in either frozen or freeze dried. Frozen Raw Pet Food Complete Ground Turkey Raw Chicken Hearts Freeze Dried Green Beef Tripe Chunks Freeze Dried Complete Beef Pet Food Freeze Dried Complete Chicken Pet Food Freeze Dried Chicken Treats Freeze Dried Beef Liver Treats. LOL … But when I think about it – it is obviously exactly what their mother would be feeding them in the wild! Still have questions? Also I heard tapeworm is more common in raw fish then raw meat, would freezing kill it? If your cat likes eating raw fish, do so very moderately (preferably never) and offer extra vitamin B1 and extra vitamin E with it. Their about 6 inches long so ge only gets half of one per meal. If you must for convenience occasionally feed processed food, make sure you read the label! There's no harm in giving them to the cats, if they don't like it they won't eat it . Some dogs do not like organ meat. He eats the head and everything in a about a minute. This is really good information. Please do not feed the Trolls! 2 Clean, very nicely, the giblets of two geese or four ducks. I feed both my cats chicken necks as well but i've never tried duck. To get cat tapeworms, a cat needs to ingest a flea:http://www.sniksnak.com/cathealth/tapeworms.html, Video of feral cats at a fish market:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gTpSvSU9FaU. Marea Harvey Thank you. Cooked chicken is highly palatable to cats, and I have used it myself to encourage a sick cat to eat.. Veterinarians will sometimes prescribe a bland diet for a cat who is recovering from an illness or surgery, particularly relating to his gastrointestinal tract. Fish is not a good food to be feeding cats - they can have more problems especially if a male cat. However, Giblets do contain less fat than some other more traditional meat ingredients. There should be no additives like herbs or flax seed oil etc, which sound great for humans but are not appropriate for our feline carnivores. Raw Cat Food – It’s the Best Food For Cats. They are not designed to digest grains and can’t utilize them properly, cooked or otherwise, and they have no use for vegetables at all. If the trout do have a type of tapeworm, it would not be the same species that affects cats. What Cats Can Eat. Fresh Is Best Freeze Dried Raw Duck Giblets, Dog & Cat Treats (Duck Giblets): Amazon.sg: Pet Supplies Fat is a lot better for cats than it is for us but duck skin can be excessively fatty. Duck giblets will do, but goose giblets are much to be preferred. The cheaper cuts are chewier, and your cat has to work harder to chew it, which is good for the teeth and gums. But with the freeze-dried food – it is very handy to have something in the cupboard for when you run out – or for times when you just don’t have …. giblet” is not actually an organ that chickens possess (if you thought it was, you may be thinking of the gizzard I am feeding grain free, high quality wet food and supplementing with raw meat. Organ meat is rich – too much can cause diarrhea, especially if your dog is not normally raw-fed. Cats can eat chicken breast, thighs and necks. You need to stand back and think for yourself, and cut thru all the advertising nonsense and scare tactics, and you will realise that your cat is absolutely not designed to eat grain – which is the major part of most cat foods. This company also offers free advice and diet plans – the make raw feeding easy! The primary nutrients, excluding water-soluble vitamins, in a typical 6 gram chicken heart can be seen in the first table. Some vets and cat guardians swear by raw food diets. I earn a small percentage from a purchase using these links. Congratulations on being a guardian of a wonderful Wegie.I am owned by one of these magnificent cats. Is it ok to feed your cat duck giblets? Fantastic product for puppies. Sardines can be an attractive food to give your cat for an occasional treat. So nice to discover another person with some original thoughts on this subject matter. In small quantities, it is not only safe for cats to eat liver, but it is considered good for them.However, the vitamin content in liver can also cause harm to your cat. ? A typical dog might consume a turkey neck or a few chicken wings in place of a meal. Raw lamb’s liver is not a good idea. Where should I home my cat if the guy I will marry doesn't want her inside our house that is in a cold area. If you notice the bones are too big for them and they're having a hard time then take it away, but the bones won't splinter as long as their raw. The giblets that come with the turkey would be too much for one meal if your dog is under 20 pounds. And take the bones out as well, when it's cooked. Yes! Mix the giblets ans 1/2 cup giblet water with the stuffing ingredients. Did you ever tested out Eating for Energy (120 raw food diet recipes) program? I have no problems feeding raw just didn't like the part about having to kill the rabbit myself. Cats are carnivores and need meat. I know some fish you need to beware of parasites/disease. I fed duck a couple times to my dogs who had no trouble. Cover the duck giblets with water in a small saucepan, and simmer for 30 minutes. My cats LOVE giblets, and they're a great way to feed chewy healthy things while cutting costs. When you think about it, organ meats, including the kidneys, liver, heart, etc., are a normal part of the feline diet. Trout should be ok, it's the salmon and cod with the higher/heavier oils that cause thiamine problems and they'd do that if they were the ONLY thing the cat was eating. Please be aware that most vets are not trained in animal nutrition, they get most of their knowledge from pet food companies, and a large part of their income comes from selling processed pet foods from their clinics. Fish bones are no problem, if you touch them, you'll see they aren't sharp. Cats are 100% obligate carnivores, which means that all of a cat’s nutritional requirements MUST come from meat sources. My other question is whether it's a good idea to feed the raw trout. And since we know felines eat prey, most of their diet consists of three things; raw meat, organs, and bones. You can sign in to vote the answer. Yes. GOOSE GIBLET PIE No. be careful that some larger bird bones can be brittle and shard, especially if it's an older bird. Cats can eat raw fish but it’s not recommended due to the bacteria and food poisoning. This staple of Thanksgiving happens to be completely edible and delicious for felines. There are some kinds of fish you have to worry about more than others (a lot has to do with WHERE it was caught) but I always freeze fish for at least 1 month before feeding it. (I’ve included affiliate links for your convenience. The bones aren't an issue though. If you are still worried about the fish bones cook it for yourself and give your cat a few pieces of the boneless flesh as a treat as you say. Beef or lamb heart and kidney. I'll star this maybe one of my contacts will know. While cats can eat raw meat and there’s a general trend toward adding more raw meat to their diet, you run the risk of feeding your pet spoiled meat or food contaminated with salmonella or other bacteria. my friend said he hits his cat after it bites him, is that abuse? These exact proportions do not need to be fed at each and every meal, but rather should combine to comprise the overall raw cat food diet over the course of time. If your cat will eat the duck necks there should be no problem. As a result of that, most dry-fed cats are chronically dehydrated. Though there are a number of “people foods” that cats can eat, some foods may cause digestive upset or toxicity. So he should be equipped to process it, but I'm a little worried about the little bones. Learn how your comment data is processed. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. One reason is that dry cat food is only about 10% moisture whereas raw cat food has around 70-80%, and cats never drink enough to make up the deficit. If there is a lot of fatty skin on them I would take some of it off. Feeding your cat food that is appropriate for her and supplies quality nutrition is so very important for the long-term health and for the lifespan of your cat. My guess is that the fish do have parasites. I brush my indoor/outdoor cat 2x a day. Heya I came across this site by accident and I am finding It truly helpful. BTW I am aware of too much fish causing thiamine deficiency and do not plan on feeding it often. A lot of people who have cats worry about not providing their cats with enough taurine. Cats are intensely attracted to the smell of sardines. Yeah I too love watching her eat raw stuff. One reason is that to which species "river trout" belongs can be different depending on where you are. ! I would say go ahead but supervise. How do you think about the answers? My cats will work at turkey necks which can be a lot bigger but have never managed to finish a large one even hacked into pieces. All cats are capable of killing poultry if they decide they want to. I finally chose the whole prey model, albeit ground, because you don't have to supplement. it's fattier than other birds. This page discussed the best food for cats in detail. Concentrated Duck or Goose Stock This magical, concentrated stock is made from leftover carcasses, giblets and even duck feet. It's so neat to see her eating how an animal would eat in the wild. If you want whole prey, as in mice, rats, quail, etc. So considering the average size of prey, a cat’s diet consists of approximately 80-85% raw meat, 10% bones, and 5 … It would be and inside cat and the only cat. Click on the photos for more information. And even if it were, the cat wouldn't get them from eating them - they'd be digested. Raw Turkey. They're sort of niched groups, like one is dedicated to feeding whole prey, one is all about the supplement Instincts TC, etc. Always supervise feedings. Raw feeding has benefits for cats with IBD, but you should be aware of the risks. In fact, many commercial pet foods now say on their packaging taurine added to help increase sales from concerned cat owners. We've never fed duck, but I'll tell you this if the bone is too big, your cat will eat the meat off it and leave the bone. Keep in mind it is natural for a cat that hunts to eat the whole prey including those giblets . What this means is providing (as close as possible in our modern world) what the animal would eat if it was living in a natural environment, and that is small prey animals. By feeding your cat what she is designed to eat naturally, you will have a much healthier, happier and longer lived animal, save on veterinary bills and often even make quite a saving by feeding your cat raw food. Could be they are simply spoiled and could eat it all if they were hungry enough. So to all the raw feeders out there: I bought duck necks and river trout at the store today. This is the result. While you can certainly make a giblet gravy or toss giblets into the stockpot, here are recipes for hearts, livers and gizzards that stand on their own. It sounds like the cats have not yet bothered your birds, so keep your fingers crossed and hope it stays that way. Really.. thank you for starting this up. Duck and turkey and beef liver have much higher vitamin A content so those you have to limit. 0. Well shoot, you guys didn't miss a trick! How is that for convenience! Should it be let out instead? I have a cat that chokes on anything from kibble,wet food, to raw. Also, handling raw meat can expose you to that same disease-causing bacteria. Chop the giblets for the stuffing. Liver is packed full of vitamins A and B and contains other essential minerals. 29 July 2007 at 5:25PM. It is what is know as a species appropriate Raw Cat Food diet. I do know some raw feeders who buy from rodentpro.com and have been very happy. Especially men. But it's best to keep it small and infrequent. Is this as good as a bath? Don't worry about this fish. Check out this site : http://www.stayeatingraw.com/Guide . I use chicken necks for dental health so the fact that it is ground isn't a big whoop. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. This is a major cause of most urinary and kidney problems in cat, which you may have noticed have become extremely common in recent years.. Also, a high proportion of the ingredients in processed cat food is grain, which is extremely inappropriate for carnivores. If your cat is not used to raw food, you may want to mix this raw soup with their canned or dry food to prevent vomiting, or other digestive upset. I also suggest you to join the Raw Cats Yahoo group, which has many experienced and in-experienced raw cat food enthusiasts. It's easy to eat for them as they can lick or easily swollow without too much chewing. As a general rule, you should never feed your cat something if you aren’t 100% sure that it is safe. The fat soluble vitamin content is low enough that there is no danger of toxicity. It can be difficult for cat owners to provide the very best in this area, but if you search around you can find much better food for your cat than is available for sale  over the counter at pet shops and veterinarian surgeries. If your cat will eat the duck necks there should be no problem. I won't touch farmed fish. We have a rescued short haired border collie cross very placid and gets on well with cats. The meat can be fed raw or cooked. Types of raw meat suitable for cats: Raw chicken breast or thighs. and congrats on feeding raw, more people should do it! Fresh is always best, so the frozen raw food is an excellent choice here. Dry cat food, despite what your vet may tell you, is the very worst thing you can feed your cat long term, for a number of reasons, not all of which will be looked at on this page. There’s also an enzyme in raw fish that destroys an essential B vitamin (thiamine) in your cat. Yes tapeworm is on the rise in freshwater fish, but if your source is good there should be no problem. Only to supplement the diet. Last Updated on: October 27, 2020. Is it safe to feed him the trout raw, or should I just cook it for myslef and give him little cooked pieces minus the bone? Raw meaty bones and by products are chock-full of nutritional elements that cannot ever be duplicated in the dried and canned cat foods that are massively promoted by the Pet Food Industry.

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