A good two weeks early! Report all trail emergencies, incidents, suspicious activities, resource damage, or information on missing or suspicious persons on the Continental Divide Trail to local rangers or law enforcement officers as soon as possible, then use this form to report to and document with the Continental Divide Trail Coalition (CDTC). Both good and friendly to hikers~, Always a great read as a refresher Mags. Though different, the Triple Crown trails end up having similar costs. In Glacier and Yellowstone, bear poles are set up for your use. The CDTC has a free CDT Planning Guide “The CDT planning guide is a one stop resource for starting to plan your trip along the CDT. Transferrin is a protein present in blood the function of which is to transport iron. When going SoBo, you may run into too much snow in Glacier and winter can come early to the San Juans. A little dry at times, but informative. Jonathan Ley Maps: Jonathan hiked the CDT back in 2001 and created an in-depth mapset as a free, print-at-home resource. Please save a copy to your phone, and/or print out a paper copy to carry with you. Call it a wash. ~$1000/month to hike the CDT once on trail, A NoBo will start in late April and typically finish in September. Whether you're a beginner or advanced yogi, here's our thorough guide to achieving a successful practice. I’ve heard this method of larger blocks of time called “chunk hiking”. Some general safety rules that are always great to follow: 1. Good luck! A backpacker needs to have a permit for each of the National Parks and certain wilderness areas. (Full disclosure: I contributed to both the PCT and CDT handbooks. Best of luck on your CDT journey! Less bulky and lighter than a bear canister. The Earthwalk maps can also help make your route through this fantastic area. Sometimes it coincides with the CDNST; other times it does not. CDT-L http://mailman.backcountry.net/pipermail/cdt-l/ A list-serv for the CDT. Call it deep background reading…. As I like to say,”The PCT is like Lion Country Safari. Note Yogi has something similar for the J Ley maps, too. Either way, it is a long freakin’ walk. 3. Jerry Brown of Bear Creek has some additional information I edited for brevity: After over two weeks of mind-numbing work, the waypoints for MT/ID are complete. $60 includes shipping from AK Because hunting is allowed in “The Bob”, bears tend to be wary of humans. The 2018 Continental Divide Trail thru-hiker gear guide. You are not at top of the food chain! … Additionally, several wilderness areas along the trail have kiosks where you should fill out self-service permit applications – these permits are free and cannot be applied for in advance, but are still required. 710 10th Street, Suite 200 Other hikers are hiking the CDT. If you are curious about what a flip-flop hike of the CDT may be like, read Sidewinders CDT 2006 journal. Note that waypoints are avail for free that work in conjunction with Bear Creek’s map books. In a heavy snow year and/or with an early start, an ice axe (and possibly crampons) may be needed in the San Juans if going northbound. Thanks again for keeping up with everything. Contact me if you are interested. Note that Bear Creek and Yogi’s CDT book (see below) may be purchased together now for the discount price. ... Looking to horseback a section of it in 2019 and would love to chat. ... Any form of recreation on NM State Trust Lands requires a $35 permit. I’m trying to wrap my mind around logistics and not get too spooked by this all the heavy snow the CDT got this season. Outside of those months, contact the Central Backcountry Office at (307) 344-2160 for details on where to obtain a permit. They are both long trails that go through the mountains… and that is where the similarity ends, A better comparison is between the CDT and the PCT, Both are about the same length, go above treeline and in remote areas, As with the PCT, the CDT is open to horses. Hi Paul, I’m a bit like you in that I love my topo maps! Thoughts? Embrace the wildness. Please see this doc I wrote earlier for more information. Detail. class of 2020 class of 2021) and are sometimes valuable for answering questions and exchanging information. I’ve been following She-ra and Carrot Quinn’s blogs and am left wide-eye’d and wondering if I should do the AT first instead. Chilton Tippin has an excellent free town guide if you just want the basics. They cover smartphone navigation, too. New Mexico State Trust Lands Recreational Access Permit: The CDT passes in and out of state trust lands throughout much of New Mexico. Golden, CO 80401. Hike the sections when a fire is less likely to happen. 2018 was a storybook year for Big Agnes and the Continental Divide Trail. A CDTer should know how to use a map and compass. Easily downloaded to a smart device. If you have any additional questions about this document or the CDT in general, please feel free to e-mail me. Our tour guides will share historical information, community highlights and a genuine passion for urban living as they lead you along a safe and enjoyable bike ride. Viewing 1 post (of 1 total) Forums are supported by our merchant partners . The ‘official’ guides are way out of date and haven’t been updated in 10 years or more. For Android platforms at this time. This is an extremely high use wilderness area; do not camp in the Indian Peaks Wilderness without a permit. Our Yoga for Beginners guide was created specifically for you—to give you all the tips, guidelines, and recommendations you will need to start a successful yoga practice. Something like Silva Starter 1-2-3 or the Suunto A-10 wors well enough, aren’t expensive and less than ounce. Why not make the best of the journey? No major snowstorms have come to the Colorado Rockies even by November. Or is this your first long hike and buying all new lightweight gear? Hi Tom! Fire and flood closures are now an annual occurrence of the CDT. More grass-roots-oriented than the former CDTA. Quite a few may be found via a Google search such as, but not limited to, Trail Supply Co,  Outdoor Herbivore, Zero Day Resupply,  and Sonora Pass Resupply . The information that Yogi has compiled replaces the year of phone calls, letters and research that Karen Berger describes as her CDT preparation in her well-researched book Where the Waters Divide. This link is useful for overall snowpack in the Western US. From which direction to travel, navigation and safety resources and a comprehensive resupply chart this guide provides a solid foundation for planning a CDT trip.”. Could change by the summer. Most appreciated in the planning stages. Dawdle too much, and you may hit snow in the San Juans. Navigation is key along the Continental Divide Trail – download CDTC’s free map set to print at home or use with the Avenza app for GPS-enabled navigation on the trail. Do you live in Denver with (relatively) easy and cheap transport up and down from either termini or are you coming from Boston and need to get some expensive flights to and from each terminus (or a long ass bus ride!). These maps show several routes for the CDT and have made hiking the CDT less daunting. As an aside, land agencies are getting strict with the types of stoves being used in the increasingly fire-prone west. Download our free Yoga Guides for you to use with your yoga mat and accessories at home.Enjoy a beautiful hand drawn Yoga Guide by a local Torquay artist. I used to say that the concept of purity on the CDT is nearly non-existent. https://pmags.com/trail-groove-issue-25 You can avoid the need for a permit by camping between Lonesome Peak and Devil’s Thumb, or by camping after Rollins Pass. Should help with planning. Unless you are certain of when you will be in Glacier (in which case you can apply for permits on the park’s website beginning March 15), you can obtain your permit as a walk-up or over the phone the day before you enter Glacier by calling (406) 888-7801. The term “Yoga” in the Western world often denotes a modern form of hatha yoga and yoga as exercise, consisting largely of the postures or asanas. In brief, a stove without an on/off valve is often not allowed. The northern terminus is in Glacier National Park and ends at the Mexican border. May want to ping Yogi herself to be sure. This link will assist in printing out mailing labels for stops along the CDT:  http://www.soruck.net/cdt/, Cool map of the above with postal info: http://www.soruck.net/cdt/postalmap.html. After sifting through endless blog posts, online forums, and a handful of semi-informative websites, the guide is a welcomed relief to many in the still in the PCT planning stages. will spend more. That way, your loved ones know what to do if they don’t hear from you on time. As mentioned, an average thru-hike costs about $1000 a month once on the trail. : 5% 2stk -10% 3+stk magnafsláttur af allri annari vöru Ath. Note that waypoints are avail for free that work in conjunction with Bear Creek’s map books. When you’re brand new to yoga, it can feel intimidating and be difficult to know exactly where and how to get started. .... Has anyone out there ridden the entire CDT on horses or mules? As of Sept 2014, they are also avail in electronic form and optimized for smart phones and tablets. Note that in recent years, a smartphone has replaced a dedicated GPS unit in much the same way a smartphone has replaced point-and-shoot cameras for many people. The CDTS is an organization started by Jim Wolf. It is not a well-marked trail like the PCT, never mind the AT!

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