towards [tôrdz; tōrdz, tō′ərdz; twôrdz; too wôrdz′, təwôrdz′]. 1. This means elephants saw 27 monkeys as 9 x 3. Major formations of stalactites and stalagmites, and several large chambers are also a highlights in the river. The Cagayan River is the longest river in the entire Philippines. This means on monkey had two hands. Each monkey had one parrot in each hand. Glossary. As it flows over the flat land the river becomes wider and slower. The place where the river flows out into a bigger body of water is called the 'mouth' of the river. [/ex] Victor was standing with his back towards me. The Tonga inhabited both banks of the Zambezi River in Zimbabwe and Zambia for centuries. 1 At pagkakita sa mga karamihan, ay umahon siya sa bundok: at pagkaupo niya, ay nagsilapit sa kaniya ang kaniyang mga alagad: . O.E. Our national language was based from Tagalog. Located in the Municipality of Loboc, a mere 24 kilometers away from Tagbilaran City, the winding river plays host to cruisers on board small bancas or floating restaurants. Nyaminyami, River God and Spirit of the Zambezi River, Zimbabwe. [ME < OE toweard: see TO1 & WARD] 1. in the direction of 2. so as to face; facing 3. in a manner designed to achieve or along a course likely to result in; in… northwest translation in English-Tagalog dictionary. Linear way Main article: Tag:waterway=river For every river a way tagged as waterway = river (way 4 in image below), must be drawn in the direction of the river flow (i.e. /təˈwɔdz / (say tuh wawdz), /tɔdz / (say tawdz) preposition 1. in the direction of (with reference to either motion or position): to walk towards the north. It is used mainly in Manila Area and nearby provinces such as Batangas, Bulacan, Cavite, Nueva Ecija, and Laguna. 2 At binuka niya ang kaniyang bibig at tinuruan sila, na sinasabi, . W1S1 [təˈwo:dz US to:rdz, two:rdz] prep especially BrE [təˈwo:dz US to:rdz, two:rdz] prep especially BrE [tôrd; tōrd, tō′ərd; twôrd; too wôrd′, təwôrd′; ] for adj. | All the windows face toward the river. The Tiber river has a length of 405 km (252 mi), and a drainage basin with an area of approximately 17,375 km 2 (6,709 sq mi), almost 5% of the territory of the country.. List in order from source to mouth. Filipino / Tagalog language translation for the meaning of the word tungo in the Tagalog Dictionary. Also, towards. [ME towardes < OE toweardes < toweard + adv. The Sirena of Tanjay River – Tagalog Translation. coming, approaching, from to (see TO (Cf. from source to sea). The whole municipality is almost of flat terrain with slope rising only up to 2.5% slanting downward towards … The river gushed out towards South China Sea, west coast of Palawan Island. This is the only Filipino language that is generally used and can be understood around the country. especially BrE to.ward especially AmE preposition 1 moving, looking, or pointing in a particular direction: He noticed two policemen coming towards him. The river’s distinguishing features is that it emerges winds through a cave before flowing directly into the South China Sea. It passes in a daze. In Tagalog, a bird known as Balatiti gave warnings to those who heard its cry – which could be interpreted as good or bad. What is the longest river in the Philippines? (The current in the river is fast.) prep. spleen malice; spite; bad temper. * warth, from PIE *wert turn (see WARD (Cf. /tawrd, tohrd, teuh wawrd , twawrd, twohrd/; adj. tl Binanggit ng magasing Canadian Geographic ang isang radyong nagsasahimpapawid mula sa Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, ang tungkol sa mga raven na nakahapon sa isang nakadahilig na bubungang bakal ng komersiyal na mga gusali, wari bang naghihintay sa walang kamalay-malay na mga nagdaraan sa ibaba upang ihulog ng mga ito sa kanila … (Your boat might be … | He was standing with his back towards me. prep. toweard in the direction of, prepositional use of toweard (adj.) The girl gracefully skips among the river rocks, bounding towards her mother. Grammatical Ligature: This word plus a grammatical ligature would be: tungong. Charon the boatman who ferries souls of the dead across the river Styx to Hades; in Inferno, he ferries on the Acheron. 2 if you Defenition(s) a high, pointed piece of rock. Choosing to cross the river is their final choice, just as their desire for sin on Earth was also their choice. [təˈwɔːdz] preposition 1) going, facing, or looking in a particular direction I saw Joanna hurrying towards me. set on or as if on a pinnacle. towardness, n. prep. the Guide was carrying a Wireless Walkie Talkie. The Loboc River is now one of the major destinations of tourists, local and foreigners alike. Find more ways to say towards, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. Example(s) As we chugged along the vivid green Wuyang River towards Dragon King Gorge, thickly forested crags and pinnacles of … Numbers 13 - 'Tagalog: Ang Dating Biblia (1905)' 翻訳とJordan (the river)を読む English 中文 čeština Nederlands français ქართული ენა Deutsch italiano 한국어 português Pyccĸий Srpski, Српски Español svenska Tagalog isiZulu Another word for towards. 2) Maagos ang ilog ngayong tag-ulan. 3 Mapapalad ang mga mapagpakumbabang-loob: sapagka't kanila ang kaharian ng langit.. 4 Mapapalad ang nangahahapis: sapagka't sila'y aaliwin.. 5 Mapapalad ang maaamo: sapagka't mamanahin nila ang … Acheron the River of Sorrow. The most impressive cascade is the Maria Cristina Falls, 8.5km to the southwest of Iligan, which also serves as the main source of power for much of Mindanao. Tonight it would have to be enough. /tawrd, tohrd/, prep. Hearing the sounds of a procession, she walked towards town and followed behind the carriage of the Virgin Mary; walking sorrowfully with tear filled eyes fixed to the ground. Ano ang pinakamahabang ilog sa Pilipinas? [ tō′ərd, tôrd] prep. In Merfolk, Mermaid, Spirits of the Water *Note this story is in Tagalog. American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition. in a particular direction used for saying in which direction someone or something is going, facing, or looking: a stream of traffic speeding toward the city I saw… It is a long body of water that flows towards the ocean. It is the third longest river of Italy, after the Po and the Adige rivers, and the second by drainage basin after the Po. As a river flows towards its mouth, the countryside around the river often changes from hilly to flat. to|wards. Ang Ilog Cagayan ang pinakamahabang ilog sa buong Pilipinas. Tagalog. waterbodies: Water bodies located along the river … 2. with respect to; as regards: one s attitude towards a proposition. ward)). Ideally this should be placed along the thalweg or the deepest points of the riverbed. 1. in the direction of: to walk toward the river. Towards end, you cross the river Tinipak over a narrow wooden bridge. Towards with Every elephant saw 3 monkeys going toward the river. After the procession, a curious few followed the lady with the fishlike odor as she walked towards the river. to|ward [ tɔrd, tə wɔrd ] or to|wards [ tɔrdz, tə wɔrdz ] preposition *** 1. ) Due to tidal movement, sea water enters the river outflow creating an incredibly amazing underground marsh ecology. Define towards. Geography. tributaries_right: Tributaries located on the right bank of the river flowing towards the mouth. The next bridge downstream towards the border between Quezon City and Marikina is the Macapagal Bridge connecting the cities of Quezon and Marikina. towards synonyms, towards pronunciation, towards translation, English dictionary definition of towards. Nyaminyami is the ancestral spirit or Mudzimu of the Tonga people in the middle Zambezi Valley. Tributaries located on the left bank of the river flowing towards the mouth. We started to climb at 3:30 AM with a local guide with us. List in order from source to mouth. Igorots called this bird Labey or Balbalisbis while the T’boli’s Limuhen is a personal messenger of the gods, delivering signs and warnings to people. Variant of toward. A river usually ends by flowing into an ocean, a lake or a bigger river. UK [təˈwɔː(r)dz] / US [təˈwɔrdz] preposition 1) in a particular direction used for saying in which direction someone or something is going, facing, or looking a stream of traffic speeding towards West London I saw Joanna hurrying towards me along 3) Baka agusin inyong bangka sa lakas ng ulan. (The river has swift currents this rainy season.) And the lolo stares at the river, holding his bolo. People wondered who the mysterious lady was. The question is “How many animals are going towards are river”. Um ... toward towards. 3. nearly as late… High tide in Laguna Bay, which causes backflow of seawater from the Manila Bay into the Pasig River up to Pateros River, coupled with heavy rains, have caused floods in the low-lying areas of Pateros. [/ex] a path leading towards the river[/ex] 2) used when saying how you feel about… Marikina River (Tagalog: Ilog Marikina) is a river in eastern Metro Manila, Philippines. ... We are about to cross the river into the town proper. So, there are six parrots. to)) + weard, from P.Gmc. Answer: The precise phrase river of life does not appear in the Bible. KAHULUGAN SA TAGALOG The best cluster lies on the west side on the highway towards Ozamiz and Zamboanga; take any jeepney (P6–12) towards Buru-un and tell them where you want to get off.

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