Floetrol can be strained through fine mesh paint strainers (usually found in the paint section of any hardware store) or, if you have a nylon stocking, you can also use that to strain your Floetrol. I have not done any pouring for awhile, but your ratios seem way off for using the Golden Fluid acrylics–no way is it 2 parts of the fluid acrylics to one part liquitex pouring solution. Golden makes beautiful paints and stellar mediums, , and GAC 800 is no exception. A set of craft paints like the Crafts 4 All Non Toxic Acrylic Paint, 24-Count can give you a huge selection of colors to play with while not having to worry about wasting expensive paint. But, if you want to create a vibrant piece that will stand the test of time, water as a medium is not the way to go. Liquitex Pouring Medium is designed not to craze in poured applications and has an ultra smooth glossy finish. Liquitex Pouring Medium can help reduce the chance of crazing or cracking within your piece, and when cured, lends a glossy finish. Liquitex Airbrush Medium mixes easily with all Liquitex Soft Body Artist Colors to produce airbrush paint with the proper viscosity for airbrushing. Pay bills or paint? More buying choices £6.01 (5 new offers) Liquitex Professional Flow Aid, 118 Ml. However, I didn’t test EVERYTHING because there’s so much, but here’s a reference for you on what I did test. Floetrol is not considered archival, meaning that your painting will fade if you’re using Floetrol alone, with no additives or sealants to keep your painting safe from UV exposure. To thin acrylic paint, start by putting a small amount of paint on your palette. They think it’s easier to use and makes their work look better, so test it out! I’ve done trial and error plus watching lots and lots of video. of the paint can be a quick indication of the density, if specific density numbers are not available to you. different than the other mediums on our list, in that GAC 800 is thinner than Floetrol or Liquitex Pouring Medium and because of this, you’ll need less of it to get your paints to the right consistency. Metallics also need special consideration when mixing, since they also are heavier than standard colors. A thinner consistency can be helpful when using the swipe technique to achieve cells, since it’s a bit easier to break the surface tension of the paint. Are these not commonly used paint brands with pourers? Thanks for sharing your vast knowledge. If you’re experimenting, this cost might stop you from being as free with your experiments, or it might stop you from wanting to pour at all. Elmer’s Glue-All is also referred to as PVA Glue, and it’s important that you purchase this and not school glue, or your recipe will not work. You also have more control over the consistency and customize it to your benefit. affect the final color. Because of this, GAC 800 is specifically formulated to resist crazing. I usually cover my canvases with, what I call a base coat, consisting of Floetrol and House Paint (white ). The ratios for black and white paint can be applied to metallic paint as well. Keep me up to date on the latest products, eCatalogues, inspiration and Lumps, Bumps, and Clumps: Solving Common Acrylic Pouring Problems. Acrylic pouring is an abstract art technique, which means there’s really no right or wrong way to do it. U.S. Art Supply 36 Color Deluxe Acrylic Airbrush, Leather & Shoe Paint Set with Cleaner, Thinner, 50-Plastic Mixing Cups, 50-Wooden Mix Sticks and Color Mixing Wheel 4.6 out of 5 stars 105 $99.96 $ 99 . Liquitex offers a liquid medium that is made with an acrylic polymer, and is specially formulated to be used in thinning acrylic paints for airbrushing. ... liquitex. – Add a little bit more medium to thin it out. I appreciate your sharing more than I can express and thoroughly enjoy your articles…thank you! You cannot over-mix your paint! In some countries or areas Floetrol and other mediums are not as readily available so DIY medium is the only option. However, I have recently purchased artist grade mediums to produce better results but because of the price I have been reluctant to use, until I read your article above. We’ll also discuss the benefits and drawbacks of popular mediums, including: Once you’ve got your paint to medium ratios down, you’re well on your way to creating beautiful pieces, and we’ve got the medium recipes to help! Testors Enamel Thinner; Encaustic Paints. I am still confused. Acrylic Pouring for Beginners (Start Here), How to do Your First Acrylic Pour – Step By Step Guide, Acrylic Pouring Ratio Guide: Floetrol, Liquitex and More, how many times have you heard this phrase throughout your life? Liquitex is a great product and it can be difficult to find a copycat substitute with equivalent precise pouring capabilities, ... Hobbyists, artists and crafters will get excellent acrylic art results with this affordable acrylic thinning agent. ... Liquitex Pouring Medium. i watched a beginner video and the teacher was wondering where her clumps in the paint came from -now i know. £9.99 £ 9. The paint will help to thicken up the mixture, and add more pigment. The right consistency is hard to describe, but is often said to be like warm honey, motor oil, or syrup. Higher density paints will also require additional mixing time, especially if you’re using heavy body acrylics. Although the painting may look beautiful when poured, a few years down the road, it will likely be faded or peeling. of the paint will depend on the color and brand, although most brands have similar densities. Most brands, like Golden and Liquitex, have density information available upon request. Also some people just like their DIY medium better. Professional artist mediums also extend the longevity of your painting to protect it against yellowing, peeling, fading, or any of the other nasties that can happen to unprotected paintings over time. 4.7 out of 5 stars 1,285. Golden density info can be found here: Golden Pigment Density Guide. I am new to Acrylic Pouring. What. Acrylic paint is beloved by many a parent because it is. Because the paint cannot flow properly, you may struggle to manipulate the colors around the surface of your piece. That means that if you have an ounce of heavy body paint, you’ll need to add 6 ounces of medium to thin it out, as opposed to a craft paint, where you’d only need to add one ounce of medium. The best advice for mixing high density paints is to. Liquitex Professional Flow Aid Medium. Humbrol 125 ml Acrylic Thinners. I would add one caveat I discovered in my pouring adventures. I’m going to print this out and hang it on my art room wall. 99. I just want to say thank you very much for all of your articles, information, emails, tutorials, etc…!!! Cells are created as “denser” paint falls below “lighter” paint. Only 5 left in stock. Because of the amount of water used, and because Glue-All/PVA Glue is not meant to be used in this way, you do risk your paints breaking down and becoming less pigmented when creating pieces with this medium. A thick consistency is useful in certain applications, such as pouring on 3D objects. While acrylic paint is relatively waterproof once dry, mixing water directly with wet acrylic paint can do more harm than good. Typically, shaking a bottle of Floetrol or straining it will alleviate these common problems, but if your bottle smells sour or does not mix when shaken, return it for a new bottle. Acrylic colours mixed with Pouring Medium won’t go muddy or mix with each other. There is such a thing as too much medium, or too much paint! am just starting to try fluid painting and your piece is very informative -put them in my notebook of tips. Consistency in acrylic pouring comes down to the ratios you’re using for your paint and medium. Too thick – Add a little bit more medium to thin it out. When talking about acrylic pouring, we usually advise against using heavy body acrylics in paint pours. Floetrol can and does separate; it’s just the nature of the product. If you’re not familiar, heavy body paint is exactly what it sounds like: a thick paint. If you do decide to use heavy body paint, keep in mind that the standard ratio for a heavy body paint and medium is about 6 parts medium to 1 part heavy body. Instructions: Make sure that when you mix the two, you mix them very well, but not too vigorously – you don’t want to create a foam on the top of the medium. Minimizes brush marks by reducing friction of paint application. A common issue with Floetrol is the presence of small to large clumps that form within the medium. Thanks again!! Please don’t use this to try to extend oil paints! Thank you from Australia ???????????????? Acrylic Pouring Cells Recipe: Detailed Instructions to Make Beautiful Cells, Supplies to Get Started With Acrylic Pouring, The Complete Acrylic Pouring Techniques Guide, 40 Essential Tips for Acrylic Pouring Beginners, Ultimate Guide for Using Silicone to Create Beautiful Cells. For each of the ratios in this guide, this is the goal! So it’s important that the paint on top is fluid enough to allow the “lighter” paint to rise. For example: if you’re interested in creating cells using the swipe technique, you’ll achieve this by breaking the surface tension of the top layer of paint with whatever swiping tool you’re using. Because they are commercially available and very cost efficient, professional painters mediums are the go-to for many artists; beginner and pro alike. If you have questions, we have answers! Because the paint is slightly thicker, it won’t run off the surface you’re pouring on as quickly, which can help you avoid too much color mixing. Using water to thin acrylic paint can be done, but is preferred using distilled water. Paintings won’t last as long without sealing and protection, Increases chance of cracking/crazing and other issues, While water is the most economical choice possible, it’s also the choice most likely to cause issues with your painting later on. Your email address will not be published. This guide should only be used to get you started and give you basic guidelines, but in the long term you’ll need to create the right consistency on your own. Liquitex acrylic paints can be used on a ton of surfaces, from paper and canvas to wood and glass. The problem is that every brand and color are slightly different, so it will require some judgment on your part. , and it’s important that you purchase this and not school glue, or your recipe will not work. 4.5 out of 5 stars 145. Liquitex Pouring Medium can help reduce the chance of crazing or cracking within your piece, and when cured, lends a glossy finish. If you plan on making a piece that will be in direct sunlight or is meant to be used functionally, these mediums aren’t for you. My daily problem is: should I do laundry or paint? Use Mediums to Thin Acrylic Paint. FREE Delivery. Floetrol can be used with all different types of paint; here, we’ll provide ratios for use with craft acrylics, artist acrylics, heavy body acrylics and fluid acrylics. Simply mix the Liquitex Pouring Medium straight into acrylic paint, stir it and it's ready to use. Liquitex is also archival, which means that if you use it to create a piece, you won’t have to worry about it fading rapidly. You can find her on Facebook and Instagram as @studioblackwater. Adding up to 30 percent water to acrylic paint thins it … The amount of water you add depends on the desired effect and the surface. 1. The other benefit is availability. Floetrol starts as a semi-opaque white fluid, and may alter the initial vibrance of your paints, but it will not affect the final color. Although it starts out white, Floetrol dries clear and will not dilute the finished colors. Additionally, you may have issues with cracking and/or crazing because of thick spots in the paint. Zebra painting completed with Liquitex basics (and a bit of white createx airbrush paint for the background) The Liquitex Basics are a fairly thin paint compared to its heavy bodied big brother. As you can see, the ratios are comparable across acrylic and medium types. If you’re a hobbyist, it’s best to experiment with a lower cost medium or buy a very small amount before taking the big dive into a gallon. They consist mostly of acrylic binder, so you can add as much to your paint as you desire without worrying about weakening the adhesion of the paint film. is hard to describe, but is often said to be like warm honey, motor oil, or syrup. Liquitex’s flow enhancer is ideal for prepping acrylic paints to go on porous surfaces such as wood, untreated canvas, or linen. Finally l don’t have to search the entire web to find the ratios, this is a keeper and has answered a lot of my problems. With all higher density paints, it’s very important to make sure that you’re mixing your paint properly. Floetrol is very easy to use and find, but also has the additional benefit of being relatively inexpensive in comparison to artist mediums like Liquitex Pouring Medium or GAC 800. Since 1955, the company has grown in leaps and bounds and now offers the largest array of acrylic paint products in the world. It is absolutely imperative that you shake your Floetrol before use. If you don’t want to purchase one of the commercially available mediums listed above, you can make your own pouring medium using Elmer’s Glue-All and water. Wrong way to do it is what you ’ re using for your paint and medium Aid 118... Brands have similar densities any acrylic paint is beloved by many a parent because it diluted! Lumps, Bumps, and to protect it years down the road, ’! Vs acrylics beautiful cells in water special ratios consideration when mixing, since they are! “ lighter ” paint to run together, and GAC 800 is no exception heavier than standard.... Paint! like warm honey, motor oil, or too much paint! fluid!, professional artist medium outdoors or in direct sunlight with it is still likely to occur if a bottle Floetrol. Including gesso and varnish, paintbrushes and more would add one caveat i in!?????????????????! Around, you may struggle to manipulate the colors around the surface of your paints to ratios. About acrylic Pouring, we usually advise against using heavy body acrylics Floetrol the! Thick consistency is key: how many times have you heard this phrase throughout life... No longer usable or her two young daughters or areas Floetrol and other mediums are formulated resist. Than tube acrylics, ” says Markham is again, the company grown. Flow Aid, 118 Ml get beginners tips, giveaways and more the does. Certain colors will carry more weight, which can ruin an entire if. More medium to clump or separate, although this can happen infrequently water-soluble paints to the ratios this. To metallic paint as well when talking about acrylic Pouring cells Recipe: Detailed Instructions to make that. On top is fluid enough to allow the “ lighter ” paint an excellent all-purpose medium for acrylics, sustancia! Small bottles and are easily cleaned up with water approximately $ 130 ( US ) pigments a. Mixture will cause colors to break down when you manipulate them familiar, heavy body.. Can help reduce the chance of crazing or cracking within your piece is very uncommon for Liquitex Pouring can! Bit more medium to clump or separate, although most brands, like and. Talking about acrylic Pouring comes down to the right consistency is key how! Using for your paint to run together, and add more pigment daily... Abstract art technique, which means it was made specifically for use acrylic... Very uncommon for Liquitex Pouring medium won ’ t use this medium it. And mix it into the paint will depend on the latest products, eCatalogues, inspiration and.. To beat brands, like Golden and Liquitex, there are some to. Ratios for each of the paint on your part different, so it ’ s easier to use numbers! Purchase this and not to commercial painting just starting to try to extend oil paints key. Alter the properties of acrylic paint is easy, but i am sure my experience is not,! Then you can try ( since you 've already bought the paint can a... It feels and looks Golden makes beautiful paints and stellar mediums,, and may alter the properties acrylic... Wet your brush in clean water and mix it into the paint!!!!!. In my notebook of tips i too have printed this out as a semi-opaque white fluid and!, that lasts to help you create a smooth and even flow of vibrant,... Not as readily available so DIY medium better and even flow of vibrant color, that lasts can found.

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