Airtel 4g lte dongle red light green light yellow light. This is page 1 of 1 (This thread has 15 messages.). If the indicator for the signal is yellow it means it is right now a 3G connection. hi brother i use your trick but now my dongle is only blinking green light even not detecting by its own Airtel Dashboard can you help me. The reason why your office colleague is getting much faster connection is his connection is on CDWMA. Price. Guys i use a bluetooth dongle to make internet connection to my pc. but in the same office my col..? Airtel 4g Usb dongle few day working properly. Two options finally I had was TP-Link MR3020 and Dlink DIR - 506L. Reason for change of connection type from hsia to cdma in tata photon? 8 2. OK, it won't be as 'portable' as it would if she needed to take the laptop out of your home (but is that sensible anyway - not that I don't trust DD, just worried about her being mugged for it, given businessmen are mugged, and a laptop is presumably easy to sell via a fence).Did the dongle come with a USB extension cable ? How do you make your xbox live connection faster using a huawei mobile wifi? mobile detected by pc but web doesnot work? 3099. i hope it helps it worked for my airtel 4g dongle on windows 10 What light colours on airtel 4g hotspot mean? 3] update the drivers of relevant dongle devices listed for mobile broadband. I can`t connect hotspot in wifi network connection not stable? Airtel 4G dongle. My kindle shows connection but under the signal has a x and says no internet connection? Thanks in advance. - i had install new airtel dth connection i have b001 error how to solve the problem? Just says limited service, and i need to register?wonder what the problem could be with t mobile right now. Sorry, no help here either! i am in a place where the airtel network signal is good. how to fast up my intternet connection? ?than tell me how can set internet connection setting to connect faster? Name Email Website. Dongle: Airtel 4G (ZTE 825A) Initial problem faced was that after connecting the dongle, I couldn't connect to the router using the default IP ( I think thats shite, becuase i assume that if you have a t mobile phone you aren't going to be able to make any guy, i have started another pot in this geeky bit about my home wireless livebox, any help most most appreciated. The one had something like a 2' white USB cable, so it wouldbe easy to change the position of the dongle without moving the laptop to some unusable position.PS Have been using Three since October 2008, initially upstairs, now down in lounge, so again would say "Don't give up". 7 GETTING CONNECTED 1. I … check connnected device`s power, cable connection, source connection on samsung hdtv? Why would my wifi network be block on my galaxy iii? My airtel 4g is green blinking but it should be blue blinking. I had updata my laptop too be faster but now my laptop dosent have wi-fi connection its as connection plugin what do i do? Ask for FREE. i don;t want to use android hotspot on the mobile? I cannot get a web connection with my t-mobile samsung gravity s. instead: check to make sure your device has a signal and data connection? earlier i was using airtel connection broadband , now i am using bsnl broda band connection i haven forgotten user, I m using micromax mmx352g usb modem with 2g airtel internet connection. I am not able to connect Airtel 4G Hotspot to my laptop Compaq Presario CQ42 450 TU notebook by WI FI. Home is Sky Broadband and very patchy. Green blinking Connected to the 2G/3G net-work and data is being trans-ferred. What is meant by charging light blinking in airtel 4g hotspot router? E382 features. Airtel 4g hotspot network is blinking green. Second I'd say that any signal strength info shown by software might be wrong - sometimes the Three software shows 3 bars (out of 10, 3 is the highest I have ever seen) yet connection works when it goes to 2,1 or 0 bars (!) Reply. 4000/- to Rs. Download the balong USB software and run the software balong USB downloader and once the software is open, update the COM PORT click on the browser or browse and select the USBLOADER file download. when all this situation will occur? it is right now a 4G connection. How to boost wifi signal for airtel broad band connection? does it needs an internet connection? The first time I plugged it in, I am greeted by the power light blinking blue. but there`s error. i am using nokia lumia 710. is this mobile problem or airtel network any sol. 2G or 3G, you probably know about that. If you see a flashing green light on your 4G Assure dongle, it means your hub is connected to broadband - and your 4G Assure is available to start working if your broadband stops. Its good and working with all sims. with the AskMeFast community and Replies . No broadband, no incoming or outgoing calls. Wifi is connected but showing connection failed and asking to review you network settings in my mobile while searching? What is the difference between the blue and green light on a 3g dongle? I was able to connect to the router using IP through LAN cable. Airtel connection always showing roaming? How can i setup my phone`s gprs/internet connection to manual to avoid automatic connection? Airtel 4g blue light not comkng in wifihotspot, I have a blackberry curve 9300.. i want to use bbm. Flipkart Customer. l. Red: Connected to a 2G network. 2G or 3G, you probably know about that. However, I would like to mention a personal experience of old hardware. How to stop automatic wifi connection nokia c7? Solid Green Connected to 4G network Blinking Blue Found 3G network. How can remove and change password while i connect up with airtel wifi connection? Wi-Fi Blue solid WPS is active. microSD slot SIM card slot Insert the device into the USB port. Read full review. If the indicator for the signal is green than yeahhhh ! How to turn off automatic connection with edge/gprs nokia c3? Only 2 left in stock. connect with other members. Green light on my airtel 4g wifi dongle indicates? My mobile model is gt-s5302, i can`t able to use internet, it is showing "no network connection- please chck your connection settings"? Airtel 4g dongle yellow light in network means. 1] install the software included with the dongle. Pleas answer the my question. AIBU about DH telling his DS about my redundancy? Why there no green light on airtel 4g hotspot? Why does my nokia x6 runs automatic wifi connection? Ready to connect Solid Blue Connected to 3G network. Press Add on right top corner. Reply. Why does my connection drop out during telephone conversations and doesn`t indicate a fault or the reason it is happening? Hi, I currently have a My Net Wifi Range Extender (model:H2F). dongle searching network. what does the meaning for green and blue light in dongle? Could your 10yo do this school assignment? I have a micromax dongle with an airtel 3g connection, how to check airtel data balance? I have nokia lumia 610. i am able to access internet via wifi option but not thru data connection option. Community Experts online right now. Mine does this as well. but today it is not connected. Airtel 4g dongle wifi hotspot is showing blue blinking light. Now who do I ring. If the battery indicator is red, then you need to charge your device. How can i make my mts dongle internet connection faster?sanjay kumarbhilai? not connected. My ofc network connection is bsnl wifi connection but how can i share my windows 7 laptop? Airtel 4G LTE Indoor Wireless Gateways. How to make internet connection faster using usb dongle? Why i don`t have wifi connection on my phone galaxy s but i have a small signal,and simcard internet connection work well? Change the other fields as below. 7. Hi! No signal. What red light in airtel wifi dongle means. 4G dongle Blogs, Comments and Archive News on Press and hold to turn your Airtel 4G HotSpot on or off. Finally does not detect. The internet comes from a USB-dongle (mobile broadband) and I want to share it to other devices (smartphone). I can't even get online at dial up speed with it since yesterday. hiya, thanks, an answer, i knew there wasa geeky person!i just rang t mobile, they said there's a problem in my area at the moment.I have this pc connected to broadband thru my phoneline.the dongle is on the new laptop. Why my aortel 4g hotspot showing yellow light? How do i activate internet connection in my black berry curve with airtel prepaid connection? I consulted the instructions and it said to wait for the light to go solid. - Airtel modem network is blinking in blue, - Mobile wifi huawei airtel 4g getting red light in the tower led, - Airtel hotspot blink green instead of blue, - Airtel 4g hotspot network red light blinking, - Meaning of lights on airtel 4g hotspot dongle, - Meaning of red light on airtel 4g zte hotspot, - Green lights blinks in airtel mobile wifi. What is color lights indicate in airtel 4g hotspot? One way is to track how much data is left in your account. If Android has already set values for 1 for any fields below leave them. Those lights on your router or cable modem aren't just there for show. Blinking green: Charging the battery. RESET button . - i have uninstalled and re-installed the above dongle but i can only achieve a green light stat..? How can i connect my wifi connection to my friend’s wifi hotspot connection? i rang t mobile again, sometimes it pays to speak to a new person iyswim.

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