Still protesters were clear, Donald Trump may have been elected, but not by them as they chanted "not my president." Johnson, the attorney for the Wallace family, said that if the officers had had a less lethal option, the outcome could have been different. They didn't have Tasers," Johnson explained. along with "Say his name!" Gripp told KYW that an officer took Wallace in his police cruiser to Presbyterian Hospital, where he died. That’s the fewest there have been since March 14, when there were two. He urged people to continue wearing masks, and to be wary of gathering indoors. “I do think it bodes well for outdoor activities where people are wearing masks,” Farley said. Violent protests and widespread looting continued for a second night in Philadelphia on Tuesday in response to the fatal police shooting of a knife … … “It’s nice to get out and see people.”. PHILADELPHIA, PA – JUNE 01: Protestors away from tear gas after a march through Center City on June 1, 2020 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. “I’d worry far more about indoor activities and activities where people are not wearing a mask and are much closer to each other.”. Visit The Philadelphia Inquirer at “I hope to God we don’t have to.”. Demonstrations have erupted all … Dressed in riot gear, they marched south down 15th street and … A citywide curfew in Philadelphia will begin at 9 p.m. “We can’t guarantee there’s not going to be a later rise,” said city health commissioner Thomas Farley, “but it’s a good sign we haven’t seen it yet.”. Wallace's family has asked that protesters keep their demonstrations peaceful to respect his memory. "What the converasation is today is how do we ensure that we get enough Tasers so that every officer -- at least every officer that's working in operations -- has a Taser," Outlaw said. Several hundred Pennsylvania National Guard members were in Philadelphia to assist law enforcement at the request of Gov. "The call that was initially put into 911 dispatch was for medical intervention. "So I want my son's name and everybody to stop this. The video shows Wallace walk around a parked car into the street, and the two officers can be seen backing up as he walks towards them. "We are supportive of every officer having access to them. Other parts of the country, though, are seeing worrying upticks in cases apparently unrelated to the uprisings. "They were just trying to solidify their family," Johnson said. Walter Wallace Jr., pictured with his mother, was shot and killed by police. "But having said that, I can't think of any mental professional that would have done this without calling 911, because the person was armed," he added. In recent weeks, the county has logged 26 or fewer additional cases a day. A CNN crew covering the protest witnessed several people in the crowd throw rocks, light bulbs and bricks at the police. By Mark Morales, Andy Rose, Hollie Silverman and Ray Sanchez, CNN, Updated 0112 GMT (0912 HKT) October 29, 2020. In light of the violence, police requested that people stay indoors. The wave of protests initially worried Farley as a possible catalyst for a coronavirus resurgence in Philadelphia. Under Gov. But we are going to get there.”. But the peaceful protest turned violent when the crowd was met by a group of police officers near Philadelphia Police 18th District. Philadelphia, Minneapolis among cities seeing post-election unrest The Philadelphia protest also included a demonstration against the Oct. 26 shooting death of Walter Wallace Jr. by city police "It's the issue of resources. Farley and other health experts said that since the protests were outdoors, and many people wore masks, a surge might not come. They are looting stores. Credit: AP He walks toward the officers as they back away from him in the street, guns still aimed at him. The looting is a mindset and it won't bring my son back. When police arrived at the man's house, Simpson said a person who he later was told was Wallace's mother told police that Wallace had mental health issues. They yelled at him to put his knife down.